The qualifications for membership in FIELD are:
1) Christian Families currently home schooling their children as defined by Illinois Law.
2) Agreement with the statement of faith.
3) Participation on some level:
          A) teaching a course
          B) assisting a teacher in the classroom
         C) supervisory role (lunch, cleaning, etc,)
4) Agree to help with the cleaning of Glen Arbor Church on attendance days.
5) Organize 1 field trip during the year for the whole group.

Parent Duties:
Parents must be present during the day at FIELD. This is not a drop-off program. See above information.

Teacher Requirements:
 Parent or family member with the following:
         1)Three current church references
         2)high interest or expertise in the area of learning they wish to teach

Student Responsibilities:

1)Students are expected to listen to their teachers in the classroom and be respectful of both the teachers and fellow students at all times.
2) Participate through completing assignments in the classroom and outside the classroom if needed.
3) Older students may choose to become a mentor to younger students if teacher requests and with parental permission.

Help with clean up of lunch area.

End of day cleaning:
Help with assigned tasks to be completed by room.

Dress code:
If it makes someone stumble then please do not wear it. No short shorts, bare midriffs, low cut or tight shirts, inappropriate sayings or pictures on shirts, etc.

1) There are no make ups for missed classes or cancellations due to weather or other circumstances.
2) Each teacher is responsible for getting the missed information to the student if needed.
3) There are no grades given.
4) Certificates of completion may be given by teacher at the end of the school year.
5) Homework is determined by the teacher.

Recess and Lunch Rules:
Children must be supervised at all times. Parents will either help with cleaning or recess after children are finished eating.  Supervisory Roles will be assigned on rotation.

1) Parents and children eat together in the Fellowship Hall. Bring your own lunches.
2) Parents are to help supervise the children.
3) We ask that food not be shared unless it is washed fruit items.
4) Food must stay in the Fellowship Hall. No lunch in the classrooms.
5) Food Allergy safety! We ask that there be NO peanut items in lunches.

1) Parents will help organize games.
2) Children are to play in the assigned areas.
3) Contact sports of any kind are not permitted (no tackling, pushing, shoving, etc.)
4) Show respect for the church and grounds. Please do not touch the landscaped areas or plants.